* Apollon Theatre



10:00 Features Competition | Audience Prize

And we were young  [US-75']


11:15 Screenings End




17:00 Tribute Lithuania

  • International Animation Film Festival Tindirindis [LT]
  • Galim susitikti, galim nesusitikti (We may meet we may not) [8']
  • Kaktuso paslaptis (The mystery of the cactus) [5']
  • Saga (The button) [6']
  • Uzgavenes (Shrovetide) [13']
  • Uzribis (Outside)[9']
  • Neeuklidine geometrija (Non-Euclidean geometry) [11']
  • Kalte Gulit [5'20΄]
  • Metamorfozes Metamorphosis [6'15΄΄]



18:00 Break



19:00 ΑΚΤΟ Films



19:25 TV & Commissioned Films Competition Section

  • Cupido [NL-3']
  • Modern love: A kiss, deferred [UK-3'46'']
  • The last job on earth [UK-2 '43'']
  • Shaking Godspeed: She's young [FR,NL-3'23'']
  • Forest 500 [UK-2' 10'']
  • Planet under pressure [UK-2'50'']
  • Hias: for the refugees  [UK-2'16'']
  • Stretching the boundaries [GR,SG-1'01'']



20:00 Focus on Turkey (TR)


Kötü Kedi Şerafettin (Bat cat) [85']



22:00 Student Competition Section

  • Between the walls [DK-8'03'']
  • Once upon a line [US-7'06'']
  • Malgrin Debotté [FR-6'08'']
  • Ceci n' est pas une animation (This is not an animation) [CA, MX 5'14'']
  • Kut (Corner) [EE-2'06'']
  • Home [AT-4']
  • Les courgettes de la resistance (The zucchinis of the resistance)  [FR-6'17'']
  • The world welcomes fame [BE-6'04'']
  • Putsch [FR-6'10'']
  • Cialo obce (Foreign body) [PL-7']
  • Depart at 22 [NL- 4']
  • Le clitoris [CA-3'15'']
  • Mrs. Metro [AU, GR-4'23'']



23:10 International Competition Section

  • Decorado (Scenery) [ES- 11'12'']
  • Mamie (Granny) [FR,CA-6']
  • Piano [EE-10'11'']
  • The great escape [SG-6']
  • Planemo [HR-13'25'']
  • Le fil d'Ariane (Ariadne's thread) [CH-12'50'']



00:10 The Midnight Sessions: Student Panorama

  • Stories about Guy and his wife [CZ-6'35'']
  • Lethe [UK-8'40'']
  • Forest of berries [US-3'50'']
  • Rouges [BE-2'29'']
  • Toutes nuancées (All their shades) [BE-5΄46΄]



00:40 Screenings End





*Villa Tsiropina - Poseidonia



20:30 K.ID.S 1

  • Miel bleu (Blue honey) [FR-4'45'']
  • Fox tale [US,KR-2'18'']
  • Le petit cordonnier (The little shoemaker) [FR-5'32'']
  • Dot [NL-1'48'']
  • Fulfilament [UK-7'33'']
  • Little flower [IE-2'50'']
  • Painted flower [VN-3'05'']
  • UKA [ES-3']
  • Étoile polaire (Polar star) [FR-4'20'']



21:15 Μix & Match Panorama

  • Alike [ES-8'01']
  • Khanoome gol mikhaki (Lady with flower hair) [IR-11']
  • Rapsodie en rose (Rhapsody in pink) [BE-14'07'']
  • Lila [AR, ES-9']
  • Le dernier jour d'un condamné (The last day of a condemned) [FR-2'15'']
  • Save as [FR-5'36'']
  • 14 [FR-7΄05'']
  • Ama [FR-3'24'']



22:15 Μix & Match Competition

  • A la derive (Drifting away) [FR, ES, DE-14'27'']
  • Mamie (Grannie) [FR,CA-6']
  • Le fil d'Ariane (Ariadne's thread) [CH-12'50'']
  • Grouillons nous (Hurry up) [FR-4'50'']
  • První sníh (First snow) [CZ-13'34'']
  • Once upon a line [US-7'06'']
  • Stretching the boundaries [GR, SG-1'01'']



23:15 Screenings End






Open-air Screenings



*Miaouli Square



20:30 International Panorama

  • Alike [ES-8'01']
  • Karouma [UAE-12']
  • Dota [HR-4'32'']
  • The lighthouse [AT,NL-11'20'']
  • Zdarzenie plastyczne (Ink meets blank) [PL-5'11'']
  • Pérák: Stín nad Prahou (The shadow over Prague) [CZ-13']
  • Ticking away [BE,NL-9'25'']




21:35 Religious & Cultural Syncretism Tribute


The secret of the Kells [IE,FR,BE- 75']




23:00 Student Panorama

  • 70's Venice beach [FR-4']
  • Somewhere [RU-3'29'']
  • 14  [FR-7'05'']
  • Tombes & Manèges [FR-7'01'']
  • Save as [FR-5'36'']



23:30 Screenings End




Media Literacy Programmes



*Cultural Centre of Hermoupolis


10:00-13:00 Workshop for Adults-The island | A+C Studios | Dan Richards, Stuart Clark (UK)


16:00-19:00 Animation Workshop for Teenagers (12-17 years old) -An animatik from Atlantis | Petros Christoulias (GR)


16:00-19:00 Animation Workshop for Teenagers (12-17 years old) - Animation Adventure |Tsvika Oren (IL)



*Children's Library of Hermoupolis


16:00-19:00 Workshop for Children-Stop motion/clay motion animated video creation | Konstantinos Triantafyllou (GR)



*Cyclades Art Gallery


10:00-13:00 Workshop for Seniors-Animated Memories: A stop motion workshop | Syros Open Care Center for the Elderly | Alkistis Tsikou (GR)



*Children's Library of Hermoupolis


Workshop for People with Disabilities-AnimaMusic | Creative Center for People with Disabilities of Hermoupolis, Syros | Christina Depian, Ioanna Giakoumatou (GR)






*Apollon Theatre


12:30-13:30 The whole world is just a render away...Welcome to the small(est) world of animation | Kleopatra Korai (GR)


13:30-14:30 It's a brave, new digital world! | Anna Efstathiou (European Commission Representation in Greece) (EU)


18:00-19:00 Loving Vincent in Greece | Konstantinos Vassilaros-Studio Bauhaus (GR)

Followed by a short exclusive screening by Trianon Filmcenter, the distributor of the film in Greece.



*Apollon Theatre


11:00-14:00, 18:00-21:00 Videothèque



*Kyveli Institute


For Agora accredited professionals


18:00-20:00 Meet the Producers: Pitching  Session

"Educational simulative application for social adaptation and psychological habituation for children with functional autism: using personal digital interactive representation systems" | (Anastasia Dimitra) (GR)




Parallel Events



*Apollon Theatre


11:30 Presentation: Act4Greece crowdfunding platform,  an initiative of National Bank of Greece | Nelly Tzakou-Lambropoulou, General Manager, Retail Banking, National Bank of Greece (GR)


*Apollon Theatre Backyard


22:00 Focus on Turkey Party