In 2008, when the character designer Petros Christoulias was looking for an inspiration to create the mascot of the festival, he “travelled” back in time all the way to the 3rd millennium BC on the Aegean islands and he inevitably led himself to an ancient symbol related to the island of Syros, the Cycladic figurine.

Thus, the initial idea of the mascot was based on the worldwide recognizable Cycladic figurine. By elaborating on the minimalistic form of the figurine, one realizes that the face has only one element, which stands out: the nose. This element led the creator to focus on the figurine’s «sight» by putting onto it a big and funny pair of glasses. The triangular head with the non-firm chin instantly brings to mind a caricature of Woody Allen, a face that has been drawn numerous times and has become the director’s archetype image. By emphasizing on the nose and giving it two simple legs, our character is a challenge to every animator, since it symbolizes both the place and the content of the festival. Our mascot’s name is “Animaspyros” by combining the words “animation” and -the Greek male name- “Spyros”, which creates alliteration with the word Syros!

On the occasion of the festival’s 10th anniversary (2008-2017), a sculpture of Animaspyros, has been created by sculptors Giorgos Kontonikolaou, Christos Bligiannos and Ilias Sipsas from the 2nd Sculpture Workshop of Prof. George Lappas, under the supervision of Prof. Aphroditi Liti of the Athens School of Fine Arts. Ιt was inaugurated by George Marangos, Mayor of Syros – Hermoupolis, on 30 September 2017, and is now permanently located at the patio of Syros-Hermoupolis City Hall.


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