International Animation Festival 23 - 29.09.2024
Animasyros Tour

ANIMASYROS has been organising annual tours in Greece since 2015, under the umbrella title, ANIMASYROS#tour. In the same context, since 2015, we have visited Cyprus, Egypt, we have curated Greek Animation programmes for partner Festivals in Greece, Europe and the USA (Cinanima, LA Greek Film Festival), and we have created original actions, in order to present ANIMASYROS in Athens, in collaboration with major cultural institutions. It is essentially a series of regional events aimed at disseminating the Festival’s content through informal education activities and animated film screenings addressed to all age groups.

All promotional material for Animasyros #tour’s actions is available on the Festival’s website at issuu, while films created as part of the informal education activities are available on the Festival page at Vimeo.