EKOME – Animasyros collaboration

Animasyros is announcing the organization of 6 online and physical animation workshops, in collaboration with EKOME (National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication), that will take place until June 2021!

These workshops mark the continuation of the collaboration between Animasyros and EKOME, within the boundaries of the EKOME actions that promote and support the audiovisual productions in the field of animation. This collaboration is cemented by the Agora of Animasyros, a project which EKOME has supported since the 11th edition of Animasyros International Animation Festival. The new result of this cooperation is the scientific support and supervision of the 6 animation workshops that are a creative initiative of Animasyros Festival.

This close collaboration between EKOME and Animasyros is also expanding in the field of archival recording of the national audiovisual culture, as the films realized during the educational workshops of Animasyros are being included in the national audiovisual archive of EKOME. The more than 60 animations created since 2010 exhibit a wide array of themes and promote the creative proposals of numerous focus groups, under the supervision of experienced animation educators from the Animasyros network. They include animations created by children, teenagers, elderly people, people with disabilities, and also vulnerable social groups, such as HIV-positive and drug-rehabilitated individuals. We are especially pleased by this prospect, as this material is extremely important due to the cultural and social values that it promotes.


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