Animasyros Xmas Edition

From Syros to Piraeus, Animasyros is bringing the Christmas spirit through original and imaginative workshops and screenings.

At the same time, the collaboration with EKOME is expanded, while also the cooperation with the international organization CIFEJ is enhanced.

Animasyros is adapting to the current circumstances and presents a series of online screenings and original workshops targeting every age group and promoting numerous themes and techniques. Since animation is a predominantly digital art, Animasyros is aiming to offer new prospects by keeping the entirety of its network, like creators, educators and production team, active.

AnimaXmas2020: Animated wishes from Syros!

Syros, the capital of Cyclades, is becoming the center of the Christmas online Animasyros educational workshop!

Pictures from the uniquely beautiful island that gave birth to Animasyros are coming to life and become Christmas cards. The online stop motion animation workshop will be held on December 19, 2020, from 14:00 until 17:00, by the educators Christina Depian and Ioanna Giakoumatou. The children attending will be tasked with creating their own digital Christmas card by using simple materials and a smart device (tablet or smartphone). The best cards will be put together into an animated Christmas card!

The workshop is co-organized with the Municipality of the Syros – Ermoupoli. Main Supporter of all Animasyros Educational Activities is the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME).

Xmas Animasyros Edition in the municipal theater of Peiraeus!

Saturday 26/12/2020 and Saturday 02/01/2021 | Starting at: 12:00 | Online event

Animasyros is coming to the municipal theater of Peiraeus and presents award-winning animation short films from all around the world. The miracle of Christmas, the value of solidarity, the respect of nature, the richness of diversity, the love for the sea and more animated stories will be screened in two programs (90 minutes of duration) for all of the family. Connect to the website of the theater and enjoy the magic of the Christmas edition of Animasyros!

After the screening, the films will be available online for a limited time available for viewing.

For further information:

ΕΚΟΜΕ – Animasyros collaboration: Focusing on education

EKOME is a steadfast supporter of the educational projects of Animasyros. Continuing the successful cooperation between the two organizations, 6 online and physical animation workshops will be realized until the June of 2021, as an initiative of Animasyros and with the support and scientific supervision of EKOME.

Furthermore, the entirety of the films created during the educational workshops of Animasyros since 2010 will become a part of the national audiovisual depository of EKOME. This concerns over 60 films with numerous themes, supervised by the experienced educators of the Animasyros network and created by various focus – groups including children, teenagers, elderly people, people with disabilities and also vulnerable social groups, such as HIV-positive and drug-rehabilitated individuals. It is a significant initiative that enhances the importance of animation in Greece.

Watch some of the imaginative films of Animasyros:

Making of Animasyros 13 (2020)

Workshop of Animasyros 13 (2020) – “Animated calligraphy”

Workshop of Animasyros 12 (2019) – “Rebetocats”

Workshop of Animasyros 12 (2019) – “Micro-plastic Journey”

An international collaboration: International Centre of Films for Children & Youth

The president of Animasyros as a member of the administrative board of the international NGO CIFEJ (International Centre of Films for Children & Youth)

In the elections held on 28.11.2020, the president of Animasyros, Vasilis Karamitsanis, was reelected first in votes between 11 other candidates from all of the world for the administrative board of the organization. CIFEJ is an international NGO which is active since 1955 as the single global network of professional audiovisual media that works for children and youth. Main goal of CIFEJ is the promotion of contemporary audiovisual production for children and youth, emphasizing, between other goals, on the cultural individuality and the audiovisual education. (

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