International Animation Festival 23 - 29.09.2024

On Tuesday, April 9th at 18:30, ANIMASYROS returns to this year’s Francophone Film Festival and selects animated films related to the main theme of ANIMASYROS 2024 (September 23-29), dedicated to Africa, entitled Africa: An Animated Continent, which will explores the thematic and cultural relationships between Africa and global animation.

Black Barbie — Comfort Arthur — 2016 — 4'
In a poetic animation, Comfort Arthur recollects her personal journey with skin bleaching products and questions societal ideals of beauty.

Asmahan, the Diva — Chloé Mazlo — 2019 — 6'
Asmahan, diva and princess had a short life, but what a life! Weddings, glory, spying, lovers, alcohol, poker, suicides, murders, scandals… This Eastern Marilyn marked the heyday of Egyptian musicals. Even today, his voice resonates throughout the Middle East and his mysterious death in the waters of the Nile continues to feed the wildest rumors.

Azumah: The Ghanaian Hero — Nii Ofei-Kyei Dodoo — 2018 — 13'
Azumah Nelson, an underdog, is only given 2 weeks’ notice to prepare for his first international fight. Even though he loses in the very last round by a TKO, this is the start of a warrior’s journey to becoming the greatest African boxer of all time.

Ayam — Sofia El Khyari — 2017 — 4'
Three generations of Moroccan women exchange feelings and anecdotes while preparing the traditional ceremony of Eid Al Adha.

The Porous Body — Sofia El Khyari — 2018 — 6'
A young woman who lives in her thoughts goes back to the sea to centre herself. As she dives into the water, she dives under her skin and penetrates her psychological wrapping.

From Oran to Almería — Lina Saïdani — 2024 — 6'
Aghilas, a young Algerian, is consumed by a life that offers him nothing in his native country. The prospect of an elsewhere will push him and a group of harraga to accomplish a dangerous crossing.

Souvenir, Souvenir — Bastien Dubois — 2020 — 16'
"For nearly 10 years, I pretended to make a film with the war memories of my Algerian grandfather... Today, I'm not sure I want to hear what he has to say."
This is the story of a war trauma, a family conflict, a creative process, and ultimately, filial love…

The Shadow of Butterflies — Sofia El Khyari — 2022 — 9'
In a mysterious forest, a woman is slowly drawn into a nostalgic reverie by observing butterflies.

Tuesday, April 9th - 18:30
IFG Auditorium

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