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The Cookies Notice of the website is written in the simplest way possible, to be comprehensible to all users. If you have any question regarding our CookiesNotice, please send us an e-mail to the e-mail address

Animasyros respects your privacy and is willing to not interfere with your personal life. For this reason, it has chosen to use ONLY cookies which do not track your online activity and do not collect any personal data for you.

We use few cookies which are not technically necessary for the operation of our website; these are NOT stored by default in your device. They are stored in your device only if you choose to install them.

This Cookies Notice is part of the terms of use of our website and may be amended from time to time. We suggest that you check our Cookies Notice often to get informed for any changes.

The Cookies Notice that is publicly available on our website is the one that applies. No amendment of this policy applies if it is not published on the website. If we make any important amendment to our Cookies Notice, we will inform you when you access our website. If we make any important amendment, we will ask you to accept or reject it.

What are cookies?

Cookies are short text files, usually consisting of letters and numbers and which are stored on your device by a website server.

Cookies can be distinguished in “Session Cookies” and “Persistent Cookies” depending on the time they remain stored on your device.

  • “Session Cookies” are stored on your device at the moment when you visit the website and are automatically deleted, when you close your browser.
  • “Persistent Cookies” are stored on your device when you visit the website and remain stored after you close your browser. “Persistent Cookies” will automatically be activated again when you open your browser again and start surfing on the Internet.

Moreover, cookies can be distinguished in first party and third party Cookies – Depending on the website or the domain which installs the cookie, cookies are distinguished in “first” and “third party” cookies.

  • First party cookies are cookies, which are installed by the website that the user visits (in our case by
  • Third party cookies are cookies installed by a different domain than the one that the user visited. If the user visits a website, and a third company (such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc.) installs a cookie through this website, this will be a third party cookie.

What types of Cookies do we use and why

We use cookies to keep our website secure and functional. Most cookies we use are technically necessary for the operation of our website.

Some cookies are installed by us and others by third parties. They are all described in the table below.

Apart from the technically necessary cookies, we use some third-party cookies to facilitate your access to our social media and channels in video platforms. These cookies are by default disabled and are installed only if you choose to do so. In any case you may always change your choice.

We do not use cookies which track your activity or collect any personal data for you in any case.

Strictly necessary Cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary for the operation and security of our website. They are necessary to offer you the chance to visit our website and enjoy its features. Basic services, such as the ones below, are based on these important cookies:

  • Staying connected at the website,
  • Choosing to view content in Greek or English,
  • For us to provide access to our website to our associates and offer you up-to-date content,
  • Keeping our website secure

List of strictly necessary cookies installed by

The word “hash” means a sequence of letters and numbers, which is created dynamically and is unique to any user and browser (i.e. cb0b8744a48e216128b5e17e9c3a013b227d3bcb529e)

1. Cookies which concern users with an account for the website: This account is created manually only for associates of Animasyros (for content publication, news uploading, etc.)

Cookie Name Purpose
animasyros_session   Login
XSRF-TOKEN Login Request - Contact form request


2. Strictly necessary third-party Cookies (

Cookie Name Purpose
_cflb_hash   It checks the user’s location and directs him/her to the closest server εξυπηρετητή (load balancer server), to balance the internet traffic and to maintain the website settings.
_cfduid_hash It checks if the user’s browser is secure or not. An insecure website shall mean that the browser is used for DOS (denial of service attacks) or related practices.

3. Non-strictly necessary third-party Cookies

The following cookies are by default turned off. They will be enabled, if you choose to view 3rd party content. If you wish to disable them again, please use the button below.

Our website uses social media and video platforms plugins, such as “Share” and “Like” buttons. When you interact with social media plugins, third party cookies are placed. These cookies are used to identify whether you are connected to a social media account and enable the sharing of our website content on social media platforms. Third party cookie providers may access the stored cookies on your device to provide you with improved functions and customized content.

If you are logged into your social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo) the social plugins allow social media websites to receive information that you have visited our website and share our content.


We use Vimeo for video display. 

We use the following cookies installed by Vimeo:

Name Retention Function
__utmt_player 10 minutes Track audience reach
vuid 2 years Store the user’s usage history

For more information, please read the Vimeo Privacy Policy.


We use YouTube for video display. 

Name Retention Function
GPS session Store location data
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 6 months Estimate bandwidth
YSC Session Store a unique user ID
PREF 1 year Track visits across websites

For more information, please read the YouTube Privacy Policy.


We use Facebook for display of recent social posts and/or social share buttons. 

Name Retention Function
actppresence 1 year Manage ad display frequency
fbm_ 1 year Store account details
_fbc 2 years Stores last visit
fbm_* 1 year Store account details
xs 3 months Store a unique session ID
fr 3 months Ad delivery
_fbp 3 months Track visits across websites
datr 2 years Prevent fraud
sb 2 years Store browser details
*_fbm_ 1 year Store account details
wd 1 week Determine screen resolution
act 90 days Keep users logged in
c_user 90 days Store a unique user ID
csm 90 days Prevent fraud
presence session Track if the browser tab is active

For more information, please read the Facebook Privacy Policy.

How can you control the use of cookies

The website uses by default only the strictly necessary cookies. When you visit the website for the first time, a cookies banner appears; this banner informs you for the use of cookies by the website. This banner gives you the following options:

  • To accept the strictly necessary cookies, used by our website, to be stored on your device.
  • To accept all cookies, including non-necessary ones, being stored on your device.
  • To accept some cookies being stored on your device
  • To view and read this Cookies Notice

 You may change your settings anytime, by clicking here:

Most internet browsers accept cookies by default. However, they offer means to control the use of cookies, which allow you to block or delete cookies at any time. You may change the settings of your browser, so that it informs you prior to a cookie being stored on your device or follow instructions to delete all cookies which have been stored on your device. If you use multiple devices, you must change your browser settings in all of them.

To manage your cookie preferences through your browser, follow these links, depending on the browser you are using:

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Apple Safari


Mobile devices:



Windows Phone


If you use another browser, you may find the cookie management instructions in the support page of your browser.

You can learn more on cookies on the following third-party websites:


We use privacy-friendly practices. For more information you may check our Privacy Policy .

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