International Animation Festival 26.09-1.10.2023
Media Literacy Programmes Animasyros 2022

A key pillar of the Festival are the educational workshops aimed at children, teenagers, young professionals, the elderly and people with disabilities. This year, the theme of the workshops is based on the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe and in this context, in collaboration with the Asia Minor Association of Hermoupolis- Syros, the participants are invited to be inspired by literature works, photographs, traditional music from Asia Minor, recorded and written testimonies and create animation films, under the guidance of experienced instructors from Greece and abroad.

You can submit participation requests by sending an email to for the workshop for teenagers "Animating the past", for the Flipbook animation workshop for children that will be held in Poseidonia and for the workshop for adults. Workshops are free.

The Media Literacy Programme of Animasyros 2022 are: 

Animating the past-Workshop for teenagers

Inspired by the traditional Asia Minor song under the title Smyrnaiko Minore and using pastel colors on paper, the participants will relive the past as it is vital to remember where we came from and where we choose to go.

Instructor: Paul Muresan (RO)

Technique: Pastel, Pencil, Paper

When: September 21, 22, 23


And Yet It Moves!- Workshop for children

A moving dot creates a line, and this moving line creates the frame in which the children will move, in order to construct thei own personal flipbook, which "yet moves"

Instructor: Giannis Xagoraris (GR)

Technique: Flipbook

When: September 24


In between waves- Workshop for adults and young professionals

The destruction of Smyrna, hazy memories of a house floating among the waves of the Aegean Sea. We will be inspired by a passage from "The Land of Aeolia" by the writer Ilias Venezis and by the traditional Asia Minor song "Sad Sea". On these occasions we will explore and animate concepts of migration, refugees, a past lost, a new present, and an unknown future.

Instructor: Mor Israeli (IL)

Technique: Mixed technique: Stop motion/paper cut and painting

When: September 21, 22, 23


Imagine a better world-Workshop for people with disabilities in cooperation with KDAP-MeA of the Municipality of Hermoupolis- Syros 

What is it like to be forced to leave your home? What is it like to be separated from your family, to be unwanted, without any certainty about tomorrow? We will be inspired by refugee creations, and try to imagine this difficult journey and dream for a better future.

Instructor: Elena Pavlaki (GR)

Technique: Stop motion

When: September 21, 22.

The workshop is not open to participation applications


Letter from the Past

Workshop for elderly persons in cooperation with the Open Care Centre for the Elderly (KAPI) of the Municipality of Hermoupolis- Syros 

With our vehicle a letter and beacon the testimonies of first generation Asia Minor refugees in Syros, we will take a journey into the past. We will remember old stories about Smyrna and reflect on anti-war issues. Charcoal as a malleable material will bring our thoughts to life in an animation full of emotions.

Instructor: Margarita Simopoulou (GR)

Technique: Charcoal animation

When: September 21, 22

The workshop is not open to participation applications


The disasters of war

DELASAL Schools of Syros

On the 100th anniversary of the destruction of the cosmopolitan city of Smyrna and in the shadow of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this workshop aims to address a difficult but extremely important and topical issue, the ravages of war. The workshop takes its name from the masterpieces of Francisco Goya, which the painter created after his experiences in the Peninsular War in the 19th century. Inspired by the works of Goya and other painters of the Roman period, in conjunction with the film Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis the participants will all work together to create a short film on this topic and to send the hopeful messages of peace and freedom.

Instructor: Charalambos Margaritis (CY)

Technique: Cut-out animation

When: September 21, 22, 23

The workshop is not open to participation applications